Department of Revenue Washington State (UBI)

Department of Revenue Washington State (UBI)

The Requirements for Beginning Business is for the Business Licensing Service in Washington State. It offers a centralized platform for business owners to register for state and local licenses, partnering with cities, counties, and state agencies. It allows businesses to submit one application for multiple endorsements, streamlining the licensing process. The service provides a Unified Business Identifier (UBI) for identification and facilitates online application, renewal, and payment for licenses.

SAW account

The business will need a Secure Access Washington account known as SAW account. This is required for the Department of Revenue as well as other state agencies, like the Departments of Labor & Industries, Employment Security, Social & Health Services, and Licensing. Once a SAW account is created, they will be able to use one logon and password across multiple state agencies that they interact with. If they don’t have one, they will need to create one and can do so right on the Department of Revenue’s website or on the SAW portal.

Here, the business will log in with their SAW User ID and password.

Authentication (MFA)

Signing up and logging in will take the business through the steps for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is a security feature that requires users to verify their identity with more than just a username and password. Banks and many other organizations require MFA to protect unauthorized users from accessing business accounts. An authentication code will be immediately sent to the email address or cell phone number associated to the account. If they don’t see the email, it could be because it went into the Spam/Junk folder.

Business License Application

All businesses use the same My DOR portal to access services, whether it’s applying for or renewing a business license, or reporting monthly, quarterly, or annual state taxes.

Once logged in to My DOR, select “Apply For a Business License” in the Businesses panel and follow this link here on pages 33 to 56 to complete the Online Business License Application.

The Confirmation

The right side is the confirmation screen that the business will receive, which shows the filing date, address, and payment information after completing the online Business License Application. The business can print this confirmation screen for future reference.

Useful Information

Here we have some helpful resources:

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