CACCWA team with Khmer small businesses
Tacoma City Hall with Khmer community
Tacoma declares Cambodian Genocide Remembrance Week
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CACCWA SBRN director with a business owner

Bringing Washington State Commerce Resources to You

The Small Business Resiliency Network at CACCWA looks for reliable resources for your business or non-profit organization. To help your business grow and succeed, our team will:

  • Share funding & educational resources for your business
  • Guide you through applications
  • Host workshops and events
  • Provide Khmer translations
  • Add you to a network of other Khmer entrepreneurs
  • Identify product and service experts within Commerce for you
  • Assist you in other ways, specific to your business needs

Financial Resources

Resources translated to Khmer

SBA Payment Protection Plan (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Portal 

If your business applied for the federal PPP loan, you can apply for forgiveness of that loan. See below for a link to the portal to apply directly.

Direct Assistance

Resources translated to Khmer


Get matched with a mentor who can advise you in their field of expertise, free of charge. This website also provides live training and recorded webinars to help build your business skills.

Washington Small Business Development Center

The WSBDC walks you through the process of starting and growing your business. You can find training materials, licensing information, tax resources, and more, all free of charge.

StartUp Washington

If you are looking to start, rebuild, or expand your business or venture, this website is an excellent resource to get you started.

SBRN Materials

About Us

Our Small Business Resiliency Network Team is dedicated to supporting local Khmer small businesses by connecting them with resources, education, and catered support. We are partnered with the Department of Commerce in this effort. If you have a question, please contact one of our members!

Sambath Eat, Program Director

Sambath Eat, Program Director

(206) 886-6813

Annika Prom, Program Coordinator

Annika Prom, Program Coordinator

(425) 248-8568

Maxine Tonty, Program Coordinator

Maxine Tonty, Program Coordinator

(425) 622-6933