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The Secretary of State’s Corporations & Charities Division in Washington is responsible for overseeing business entities in the state. They handle things like registering new businesses, managing annual reports, and issuing certificates. 

The ONLINE ANNUAL REPORTS for different business types, like Profit Corporations and Limited Liability Companies, are filed to provide updates on the company’s status and financial information. It’s a way for businesses to stay compliant with state regulations.

The CERTIFICATE OF FORMATION for Limited Liability Companies, as governed by RCW 25.15, is basically a document that officially establishes the existence of an LLC in Washington. It outlines the key details of the company, like its name, address, and members.
The ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION for Profit Corporations, regulated by RCW 23B, are legal documents filed with the state to officially establish a corporation. These articles typically include important details about the corporation, such as its name, purpose, registered agent, number of shares authorized, and the names of initial directors. Essentially, it’s the founding document that lays out the structure and operating guidelines for the corporation.

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