Paying Yourself First

Paying Yourself First

CACCWA partnered with the Filipino community in Seattle to host a successful workshop aimed at educating small business owners on the crucial practice of “Paying Yourself First.” Held on March 20th from 6 PM to 8 PM at the Filipino Community Center on Martin Luther King Junior Way South in Seattle, WA, the event featured Francis Franco from Franco Financial Strategies as the presenter.

Come join us for a workshop with Francis Franco of Franco Financial Strategies. We’ll talk about “Paying Yourself First” for small business owners. Learn how to manage your money better while running your business.

Do not miss your chance to learn and secure your financial future. This workshop is about taking care of yourself, the most crucial part of your business. We’ll discuss easy business planning strategies for entrepreneurs like you. We want to make sure your business stays strong, you can retire well, and your family is financially safe. Reserve your spot now!

The workshop focused on providing practical strategies and insights for small business owners to prioritize their financial well-being amidst the challenges of entrepreneurship. Attendees learned about tailored saving techniques, the significance of prioritizing personal income, and strategies for achieving financial security, including retirement planning.

The session facilitated enriching discussions, and participants departed with actionable advice to improve their financial futures.

Key topics to be covered include:

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